Friday, September 23, 2005


Sepoch Is.
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I don’t exactly know how to live a meaningful life. Most of the time, I live life without attempting to make it a meaningful one. I don’t intend to live a meaningless life though. I don’t even know if life is supposed to have a meaning in the first place. Don’t we just have to live it?

If there is such thing as a meaningful life, I do have a feeling what a meaningful life isn’t about. I think that telling someone that they’re wrong, punishing them for their mistakes, making them feel like they’re a lesser person for being weak and pointing out that their doom is imminent because of what they did without a sincere concern for them and what they are going through doesn’t constitute a meaningful life.

Monday, September 19, 2005


St. James in Bolinao, Pangasinan
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I recently heard a news about an image of Jesus Christ appearing on the facade of the St. James church in Bolinao, Pangasinan. This according to some was a message for people to renew their faith. Some took it as a miracle.

Others say that during hard times, people always seem to look for, see and give meaning to things that would strengthen them. A coping mechanism. I guess the miracle is how people manage to do that.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


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(from the song Sige by 6 Cycle Mind)
Sige, pag kasama ka naman,
Kitang-kita ko ang ating kasiyahan
Sige, wag na nating pigilan
At di magtatagal, tayo ay liligaya

I've never seen a band perform in a gas station before. This was the first. This was also the first time I personally met my blogpal Chum. Maybe they performed there because it was Chum's birthday. Who knows?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tatlong X

Tatlong Bilog
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Noong Lunes, pagkalipas ng ilang taon, nakapagpagulong uli ako ng bowling ball. Meron kasing bowling tournament sa kumpanya namin at naisipan ng ila na mag-praktis. Tulad ng inaasahan, nagkalat na naman ako. 87. Yun yung score ko sa unang game. Tatlo na yung spare ko sa lagay na yun ah.

Ano raw nangyari sa akin? Bakit daw ganun score ko? May nagkakalat kasi ng tsismis na magaling daw ako mag-bowling. Noong second game, nagkunwari na lang ako na magaling ako mag-bowling. Kita mo nga naman! Naka-triple X ako! Napa-wow yung mga nakakita. 156 score ko.

Sinabi ko na nagkukunwari lang ako kasi kahapon, nagbowling na naman ako. Bumalik sa 86 score ko! At dahil nagkunwari ako nung praktis bowling namin, lagot na naman ako. Inaasahan nila na mauulit ko yung ginawa ko noong Lunes. Hirap talaga magkunwari.

Siguro sa Huwebes, unang araw ng tournament, pipilitin ko na lang uli magkunwari na magaling ako.